About The Project



Solid Waste Management (SWM) in Yangon – What, Why and Where?


“SWM in Myanmar”, a project funded by the European Union (EU), starts with a collaboration between Local Authorities and civil society, to forge a new governance in environmental management. Quality of life in our cities and municipal solid waste’s disposal are the project’s main focus.

This programme was initiated by the city governments of Torino, Italy, and Yangon, in the wake of a mutual cooperation path that makes the municipal SWM expertise of Torino and Amiat available to the greatest metropolis in Myanmar.

This expertise is complemented by the contribution of Ithaca, who introduces the most advanced means of satellite navigation to optimise waste collection routes.

Last but not least Cesvi, the Bergamo-based NGO who has been operating in Myanmar for 20 years, combines its expertise in training with an in-depth knowledge of Yangon and its territory. Cesvi provides components of training and empowerment that benefit 3 Yangon townships, alone accounting for more than 700,000 inhabitants.

The EU is supporting the project and recognises the role of Local Authorities and civil society as development actors. Government promoted cooperation frameworks and the creation of dialogue-conducing conditions lead to closer relationships between the State and its people. However, it is following citizens’ expression of their needs and through grass-root actors that relations translate into action.

Turin, Yangon, Ithaca and Cesvi have promptly understood this concept and seized the opportunity provided by the European Union and Myanmar, giving way to an innovative kind of cooperation, based on a few very simple ingredients: a local government attentive to its citizens’ needs, a healthier environment where everyone can live and work peacefully, training and awareness-raising activities for the benefit of citizens.


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